We “The People” need to unite and make our own plans for future survival and prosperity. Our lives, and the lives of our children and grandchildren, are at stake.

The purpose of this website is to present plans for OUR future and OUR survival. To give us HOPE that if we unite as The People with a realistic plan, we can do this!

Just like you, I want to believe that our government is looking out for us … but if you examine the facts, it is hard to prove this.

My goal is to present ideas and realistic plans to keep us alive. Without that … what else really matters?

Please review the 3 plans below, their goals, and why YOU should get involved.



People who are currently homeless need survival help now! Education, supplies, and connection will save lives!




Most of us have homes with electricity and running water. We need to get ready for life-threatening emergencies now!



Long Term

We need to take action if we want to have clean water, air, and safe food to eat in the future!